Members Benefit

The Benefits Of Being A Member

 Members Benefit

What Our Members Get As Part of their Investment

Bitcoin Mining

This is members investing in hash power or mining rigs. So members are buying part of full shares in a mining rig itself. This is a term project, meaning that you are locked in for a period of time and benefit from the daily rewards that the miners 'bring home'. Bitcoin is mined by miners only. This is the only way Bitcoin are created. Being a part of a Bitcoin mining operation means that daily, Bitcoin are mined (every ten minutes a block is mined and miners are rewarded for 'cracking a block') continuously, into the future. And you will be a part of these projects.

Investors are paid a fixed share of 15% or 2.2% per day of the total amount invested. The invested amount referred to as your capital will pay out your dividends/shares on a weekly basis - every Monday directly to the listed Bitcoin wallet address on your profile.


Your statement is an entire history of transactions on your account which detail as follows;

  • Daily Returns
  • Reinvestment Deductions
  • Transfers to Wallet

Let's first understand what each of these actually mean.


The DAILY RETURN shows as a deposit or credit on your statement which is 2.2% of your total active investments


Reinvestment are essentially withdrawals because you are withdrawing available profit from your statement and creating an investment. Once a portion /all of your profit is reinvested, the amount reinvested will show as a deduction against your statement just like a withdrawal because you have spent available profit.


Funds are sent directly to your wallet, whichever address you have provided in your profile is where your weekly profits are sent.

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